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BARCO R9811007F

BARCO R9811007F

BARCO R9811007F


XMS-110EU Management Server, with EU power cord


2500,00 €
3100,00 € με 24% φπα


Παράδοση Εντός 15 Ημερών

BARCO R9811007F Information

Plug & Play server for central management of ClickShare and wePresent devices

  • On premise, secure installation 
  • Simple configuration wizard
  • Integrated management solution
  • Real time health and status monitoring
  • Scheduling of software updates
  • Base unit configuration including cloning
  • Remote wallpaper installation
  • User and role management
  • Seamless integration of ClickShare and wePresent units into the company network
  • Reliable enterprise platform, designed for 24/7 operation.

Barco XMS helps you save time, to help you focus on things that really matter as an IT-manager. The set-up of this preinstalled management server is a breeze. You just unbox the server, connect it to your network and start configuration. Get the central management solution up and running in no time. Barco XMS-110 is an enterprise grade appliance that hosts both on premise and remote ClickShare and wePresent fleet management, with two fundamental building blocks:

Management Suite

The Management Suite is a must for large ClickShare and wePresent installs, up to 500 devices can be managed by a single XMS-110. From one location, system administrators can manage the complete fleet of ClickShare models and wePresent units throughout the company, in any location. This is especially useful in large corporations with multiple units of both types installed across different sites. The  Management Suite is a web-based tool, so the system administrator can use it anywhere, even remotely. The look and feel ensures an intuitive experience, with enhanced stability and security of the application.

A secure Cloud Gateway

The XMS Cloud gateway connects the on premise device management suite to the XMS Cloud Management Portal, allowing remote access and control from any location, with the highest security possible. Access your live cloud dashboard for the status and monitoring of all your connected devices, next to the local dashboard you use for the maintenance and issue solving. System administrators, integrators and managed service providers (or anyone who was granted access) can enjoy unlimited flexibility and improved service capabilities.

BARCO R9811007F Specifications

Dimensions (HxWxD) 60mm x 190mm x 190mm
Dimensions (packaged) 230mm x 260mm x 308mm
Weight Appliance: 2.2kg
Power Supply: 0.7kg
Packaged weight 4.5kg
General specifications
Operating system Linux
Hardware configurations Intel Core i5, 7th generation
128 GB Industrial SSD
AC power Input: 100 – 240Vac, 2A, 50-60Hz
Power consumption 83W (typical)
92W (max); 109W (<10sec)
Heat dissipation 283 BTU/h
Noise level (@ 20°C - 68°F) 32 dB(A)
MTBF 47478h
Operating conditions 0°C - 40°C, up to 80% humidity, non-condensing
Package content
  • 1x P110 Server
  • 1x Power supply
  • 1x Region specific mains cable
  • 1x Mounting bracket set
  • 1x Vertical stand
Accessories VESA kit (R9811098)
Rack mount (R9811099)

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ΚατηγορίαWireless Presentation (BYOD)
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Διαθεσιμότητα ΠροϊόντοςΠαράδοση Εντός 15 Ημερών
Τιμή Προσφοράς Avidex3100,00 € (2500,00 € + 24% φ.π.α.)
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